.....At AudioLogoz we don’t make jingles… we make an impression. The kind of impression that makes a listener remember the name of your company, long after they hear your commercial. So why not make your advertising work as hard for your business as you do?

For years only corporate America could afford these custom musical identities – finally affordable written, recorded and produced musical identities are available to you.

AudioLogoz has a staff of creative personnel and writers who have written for such artists as Reba McIntyre, Alabama and Shania Twain. After all, a great spot should be a “Mini Hit Song.”

We give you your own musical identity – like big business – at a fraction of the cost. We also guarantee the quality of our work with confidence.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact Joel by visiting the contact page.

Thank you for listening and thank you for considering AudioLogoz. We look forward to working with you and developing an advertising image and expanding your business!

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